Online Conventional Straight Wire Mechanics (Part 2)

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Module 2.2 provides a comprehensive understanding of orthodontic mechanics with an exclusive discussion on various bracket prescriptions. The module is designed to give an in-depth understanding of risk analysis and the concept of a consistent force system which enables the practitioners to make the right decision during case selection. The lessons include vital topics like key elements to a new patient examination and treatment planning a full case starting from the diagnostic summary, problem list, risk assessment, and the preparation of various treatment options.

What we cover:

  • Understanding friction and how it relates to various orthodontic stages of treatment  and how to minimise it when required
  • Outline of general orthodontic mechanics for Class 1 ,Class 2   non extraction and extraction cases
  • Staging and sequencing orthodontic treatment
  • The Do s and Dont’s of the  straight wire appliance system
  • The keys to orthodontic finishing
  • Case portal and 3D viewer
  • The new patient examination
  • Perfect record taking
  • Orthodontic retention
  • Integration and marketing  of orthodontics into a general practice

Reading materials are available in the lesson named ‘Course Materials’. You will see both pre and post-course materials, you are free to read both, however we would suggest waiting until you have completed the course to complete the post-course materials.

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