Online Diagnosis & Treatment Planning (Module 1)

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Diagnosis & Treatment Planning.

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The Importance of diagnosis in orthodontics is paramount to ensure proper treatment and a good prognosis. Apart from giving you a brief introduction on different diagnostic aids like intra-oral or extra-oral photographs and radiographs, this module will give you a better insight into the various aspects that need to be considered during the orthodontic clinical examination. You will learn how developing a problem list and setting the goals of treatment for any given case can help you in making the right decision and formulate the most suitable treatment plan. Another important aspect discussed in this module is how to carefully decide whether or not to perform extractions in the respective orthodontic case.

What we cover.

  • Orthodontic goals of treatment including Andrews six keys of occlusion
  • Classification and aetiolgy of malocclusion
  • Conventional orthodontic diagnosis
  • Orthodontic clinical examination and patient concerns
  • Developing a problem list and goals of treatment and formulation of a treatment plan
  • Orthodontic record collection, intra-oral and extra-oral photographs, radiographs, cephalometric analysis, impression technique and space calculation
  • Digital treatment planning
  • 3D orthodontic diagnosis and VTO (Visual Treatment Objective)
  • Extraction vs Non-Extraction, how to make the decision
  • Case presentation techniques—the keys to successful conversion
  • Retention as it applies to diagnosis
  • Case portal and 3 d viewer
  • The successful integration of orthodontics into a general practice

Reading materials are available in the lesson named ‘Course Materials’. You will see both pre and post-course materials, you are free to read both, however we would suggest waiting until you have completed the course to complete the post-course materials.

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