OrthoED’s 2 Day Smilefast Course

"Give Me Just 2 Days And I’ll Show You Exactly How To Perform Exceptional Orthodontic Dentistry With Predictable And Profitable Outcomes Every Time"

– Dr Geoff Hall, founder of OrthoEd Institute.

If you’d like to deliver affordable, efficient and high-quality cosmetic treatments for your patients, then our 2-day Smilefast program could be the most rewarding investment you’ll ever make.

Smilefast is a 2-day training program that will allow you to perform high-quality cosmetic orthodontics in your practice with predictable outcomes that can help boost your local reputation, increase profits and generate more word of mouth referrals.

During the 2 day course, you’ll learn sound orthodontic principles and practical skills, that will allow you to perform cosmetic procedures to the highest possible standards and achieve remarkable results for your patients in just six to nine months.

“The Indirect bonding method in Smilefast makes it very easy for anyone to use the system ... indirect bonding ensures that you place the brackets correctly every time.”

Dr Donald Fam, Sydney, NSW

The perfect introduction to orthodontics for dentists with little or no prior knowledge

If you’re a complete orthodontic novice, no problem – the Smilefast course assumes no prior orthodontic knowledge.

The course provides you with a solid base to build on. You’ll understand orthodontic principles to give you the confidence to implement what you learn.

In fact, we commonly hear from dentists that they learnt more in the two-day Smilefast course than from any other previous orthodontic training they have attended.

Why? The reason is simple, your myth-busting host, Dr Geoff Hall strips away the fluff and reveals the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’ so you know the underlying orthodontic principles as you build your skills.

Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to start treating simple adult orthodontic cases straight away – even if you knew nothing about orthodontics before the course.

Ready to advance your career and grow your practice profits today?

Enroll in the Smilefast 2 day training below and learn this profitable, in-demand treatment as quickly and easily as possible, thanks to groundbreaking techniques and 3D imaging technology, world-class tuition and ongoing support from the world’s leading Orthodontists. For your convenience, training is now available in person or online.

Seats are strictly limited. Enroll today to secure your spot.

Provide a high-demand service

As I’m sure you know, cosmetic dentistry is big business. For example, the Australian orthodontic market is worth around $200 million and growing.

In the US, cosmetic dentistry is predicted to be worth $32 billion by 2026. It’s clear. The world wants straighter, healthier, better-looking smiles. And they want it fast.

Now is your chance to get the practical skills and confidence to provide fast, high quality and affordable cosmetic treatments to your new and existing patients.

“The digital indirect bonding technology used makes bracket placement a breeze.This system is easy to use and is a great marketing tool for patients.”

Luke Kyriacou, Adelaide SA

Deliver predictable outcomes

Are you ready to advance your career with exciting and profitable new cosmetic dentistry skills that deliver predictable outcomes for your patients? Then joining us for our 2-day Smilefast course could be one of the best steps forward you’ll ever make

Save your patients time and money

Patients don’t want to wear aligners for more than a year or two. Stand out from the competition with professional treatment that can give your clients the smile they’ve always wanted in just six to nine months.

Smilefast is also one of the most affordable and predictable cosmetic teeth straightening orthodontic systems available for general practice use.

This means you’ll be able to offer your clients a quality, affordable product that will deliver the results that you and your patient expect.

“One of the worries I’ve always had is the positioning of the brackets because I know it’s easy to get wrong. Instead what I do now is I take a digital scan, send it to the lab, and the setup up comes back all ready to put in. It’s simple. It’s virtually fool proof.”

Dr Phillip Stacy, Adelaide SA

Our exclusive technology helps you achieve world-class results

Smilefast uses groundbreaking 3D imaging you can use to show your patients various treatment scenarios and even the final result. You or your hygienists and therapists can use the 3D imaging for digital indirect bonding. This is exclusive to Smilefast and not offered by other cosmetic orthodontic systems.

Stay in control

No need for patients to be referred for outside help. The entire procedure is performed and monitored by you, supported by a specialist orthodontist (Dr Geoff Hall). This creates a stronger relationship of trust with your patient.

With minimal bracket repositioning during treatment and the ability to easily guide each individual tooth to its final position easily, it’s clear why so many dentists choose Smilefast.

Increase your referrals and stop losing patients

By offering your patients world-class cosmetic procedures, you can reduce your referrals to specialists and increase word of mouth referrals to your practice through amazing results. Offering cosmetic services is also more convenient for your patients and more profitable for you.

Cosmetic treatments don’t have to be complicated

Smilefast is designed for general dentists to be able to learn quickly and easily in just 2 days and walk away with the confidence and skills to offer treatments immediately.

This program is the perfect introductory course for dentists who have little or no previous orthodontic training.

Enjoy a fun and engaging learning experience alongside one of Australia’s most sought after Orthodontic experts

With Smilefast, you’ll enjoy hands-on training, case studies, a fun teaching style and ongoing mentoring, providing you with the skills and confidence to provide profitable and predictable cosmetic treatments in your practice sooner than you think.

Your tutor is renowned educator Dr Geoff Hall, the “Myth Busting Orthodontist” and International Speaker, bringing 30 years of experience in completing over 10,000 cases.

"I've always found Geoff very approachable, and he's also very patient. Those are obviously great qualities you want in a mentor but the other thing of course is that he is a certified orthodontist. A few of the other courses I went to, they had dentists running it. I guess having a course from an orthodontist provides a different perspective"

Dr George Gibson, Traralgon, VIC

He has also trained over 700 dentists in Australia, so he knows what it takes to deliver fun, engaging and easy to understand theory, principles, case studies and practical application of Orthodontistry.

Dr Geoff Hall breaks down each module into simple, easy to absorb lessons that are frequently described as fun and engaging, with clear, predictable outcomes.

“Geoff is really good at sort of busting the myth of orthodontics. He will let you know these are the things that's going to work. These are the things that most likely it's not going to work very well clinically. So I guess he's able to hold our hands, sort of, on to how to treat cases easily as well”

Dr Wei Cheng, Adelaide, SA

“I love the course I thought it was absolutely fantastic. I mean, I’ve been ranting and raving about it to everybody. And I found that I got exactly what I wanted out of it…”

Caleb Harvie

Alfredton VIC