The OrthoED Institute thanks all attendees for their investment in their education and growth in the field of Orthodontics. There’s no better way of saying thank you than a referral to our Full Mini Masters Program.

We love to reward good deeds, so we are offering a $250 gift card when a friend or colleague signs up to the OrthoED Full Mini Masters Program.

The Institute has curated a unique combination of lectures, webinars, mentoring for treatment
planning and case management, together with in-practice training sessions. Through nine core
modules (and an optional staff training module) completed over two years, general dentists acquire
the technical knowledge and practical skills, and receive mentoring support to deliver high quality,
predictable and profitable orthodontic treatment with confidence.

We thank you for passing on our vision to your friends and colleagues and look forward to continuing
the growth journey well into the next stage of your career.