Every dentist should know about orthodontics

The 5 things that Every Dentist should know about Orthodontics

Date: Thursday the 5th of March 2020, 7pm - Melbourne time

Orthodontics is an area of dentistry which has been hidden to the dental profession for too long. To be a good dentist one must have a working knowledge of all disciplines, and this is no different for orthodontics.

This webinar will discuss:

  • What is the difference between a diagnosis and an orthodontic treatment plan
  • What can be best treated orthodontically with fixed braces, and what are the ideal cases to treat with aligner therapy
  • Why do we need bonded retainers for retention of an orthodontic patient
  • How can orthodontics improve periodontal health and allow for better restorative work
  • The extraction Vs Non Extraction debate 

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