The Orthodontic Restorative Interface – Improving the Aesthetic and Functional Outcomes for your Patients

The Orthodontic Restorative Interface – "Improving the Aesthetic and Functional Outcomes for your Patients”

In part one, you will learn:

  • How we manage the gingival architecture to improve restorative outcomes
  • How we can perform orthodontic extrusion and alter the bony architecture for restorative implants
  • How can we manage the very difficult problem of ankylosed incisors
  • Learn all about the orthodontic and periodontic interface

In part two, you will learn:

  • Guidelines and setting up restorative cases ideally from an orthodontic perspective
  • How to manage missing teeth
  • How to manage the worn dentition in adults
  • Learn about micro-implants: when they are clinically useful and when they are just a gimmick

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