This Is How You Earn More and Stress Less

When I first started posting these blog articles, I mentioned that most dentists I talk to about implementing orthodontics in their practice have some common fears.

One of those was about getting a hard time from other orthodontists.

They may try and put you off, through fear of losing their own patients to increasing competition. 

They may tell you that you need years of study at the best universities to be able to offer Orthodontics. 

Don’t believe a word. 

I’ve taught 700 dentists to deliver professional Orthodontic treatments in Australia, and they’re far richer, happier and more successful than they ever imagined as a result. 

In fact, we’ve had reports of OrthoED Institute students earning an additional $25,000 or more per month, on top of their regular dental services, within just 2 months of starting their Orthodontic training.

And best of all, their patients are getting incredible outcomes and referring others to the practice, too. 

It’s wonderful to see. 

And these are general dentists who has no clue about Orthodontics before taking my courses! Why should it be any different for you?

It’s an unfortunate fact that orthodontics has been a closed shop since your undergraduate dental training. However, this is no longer the case. 

You now know that with the right training, mentoring, and ongoing support, implementing orthodontics is a viable way for dentists to bring their practice vision to life.

Once you reach this level, your orthodontic colleagues will understand you share their goal of best patient outcomes.

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal in any business is to obtain maximum profitability through a scalable business with minimal stress.

As I’ve seen many times, it’s not Orthodontics that’s complicated, unpredictable, or mysterious. It’s the teacher and course material that’s to blame.

Sadly, many orthodontic training programs have failed to deliver what each dentist really needs; the necessary tools to treat patients, engaging and fun lessons, along with unlimited support for treating and finishing cases confidently and successfully. Dentists need more than knowledge when it comes to learning and mastering Orthodontics. They want someone they can turn to and trust when an issue or situation arises.

Over the past 29 years, I’ve successfully completed over 10,000 Orthodontic cases and, through The OrthoED Institute, I’ve taught over 700 dentists how to deliver Orthodontic treatments with predictable outcomes. 

Don’t let other Orthodontists tell you that you’re not good enough, smart enough or “ready enough” to do what they do… and in many cases, do it better.

Now, for the final 7th step of successfully implementing orthodontics into your general practice, it’s time to talk about doing Ortho at the best possible level, with the amount of profitability and with the least amount of stress.

Step #7 Maximum Profitability With Reduced Stress

It’s possible to achieve this by implementing orthodontics in a general practice, however it requires learning:

  • The art of scheduling, particularly as it applies to orthodontics
  • How to incorporate orthodontic scheduling into a typical general dental practice.

There’s an inherent value in scheduling that shouldn’t be underestimated. Effective scheduling determines:

  • Your productivity
  • Your profitability
  • The hours you must work to see all your patients
  • Your free time
  • Your stress levels

With an ideal schedule, you will never run more than 5 minutes late, be able to incorporate the number of orthodontic starts you want in your practice and service all of those patients for their regular visits.

A proper schedule is a science in itself and needs the help of experienced clinicians who have worked with these type of schedules for many years and know exactly what does and doesn’t work and why.

We all dream of a practice which flows perfectly, all of our patients are happy, all of our staff enjoy coming to work and we leave the day earning more money than we ever did before.

Add to this the enjoyment of learning something new in dentistry and thinking, rather than physically doing procedures, not having to refer patients out of the practice or losing patients to other colleagues.

You will be able to learn an entire area of dentistry that has been kept a secret from you since your undergraduate training. If you want to change your practicing life, enjoy dentistry more, provide better care to your patients and increase revenue– then implement orthodontics in your practice.

We will help you get there every step of the way. With over 28 years of experience in the business we can open up those doors of opportunity and get you trained, ready and confident to implement orthodontics in your practice the right way.

If you would like to talk to us further about our training courses, click here now to set up a one on one Discovery Session call. We can have a chat and answer any questions you might have about getting started.

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