TX Planning Session – 17th March 2021

An interesting case of a 20 year old male who presents with a unilateral Class 2 molar relationship, labially positioned 13, slight crowding on the upper and lower anterior teeth with his mandibular midline 4 mm to the right

So my questions to you are

What are the different options for this patient with regards to aligning his 13 ideally and which would be your preferred option and why ???

  • What are the risks involved in bringing the 13 into position and how can one mitigate those risks?
  • How would you assess if there was a functional shift present ??
  • How would you design your mechanics and treatment staging to optimise efficiency ??
  • How would you manage any anchorage requirements for this patient ??
  • If the patient did not want ANY change to his upper midline -what options would you consider ???

These questions are answered in this very thought provoking webinar

As always I would be very interested to know how you would treatment plan this patient if they presented to your practice, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

I hope that you find this webinar to be enjoyable and thought-provoking and as always I value your feedback, comments, questions and hope that you can provide us with cases to discuss in the future. Please feel free to contact me geoff@orthoed.com.au

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