TX Planning Session – 24th March 2021

An fascinating case of a 15 year old female who presents with a Class 1 molar relationship who has previously had her 13 and 26 extracted with residual spacing, has a deep overbite, retroclined upper and lower incisors and lower crowding. She is only concerned with the residual space in her 13 area

So my questions to you are

  • What are the different options for this patient ?
  • What would be your preferred option ?
  • If you were to upright the mesiailly inclined 27 how would you manage this ?
  • Would you consider treatment in the lower arch ?? If so would you consider extracting a lower incisor to alleviate crowding ??
  • If you needed Class 3 elastics ,and the patient did not want full lower appliances -what other options do you have ??

These questions are answered in this very thought provoking webinar

As always I would be very interested to know how you would treatment plan this patient if they presented to your practice, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

I hope that you find this webinar to be enjoyable and thought-provoking and as always I value your feedback, comments, questions and hope that you can provide us with cases to discuss in the future. Please feel free to contact me geoff@orthoed.com.au

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