Join our Weekly Q&A Session

Connect with professionals in the dental community to learn more about implementing orthodontics in your practice, share viewpoints and experiences with your colleagues and start growing your practice for future success.

Our weekly Q&A sessions provide a platform to experience many cases that can enhance your knowledge in diagnosis and treatment planning of orthodontic cases – and also gives you answers to many questions that your fellow dentists may have too.

These sessions are designed for anyone, especially dentists, who has an interest in learning more about orthodontics.

Connecting with others in your field can help you to see many different viewpoints and ultimately many different treatment options and most importantly a careful assessment of risk management in each and every case to avoid potential problems.

Our weekly sessions usually last 45 minutes to one hour and each is recorded so you can always go back over what was discussed if you feel you missed something.

Discussions can range from talking about any type of case from an early treatment case to a severe broken down dentition that requires a full interdisciplinary treatment approach.

These are cases that are seen in everyday practice by our OrthoEd and Smilefast doctors and hence covers a full gamut of orthodontic problems and cases.

In these 45-minute sessions, you can be guaranteed that your mind will be stimulated and many previous myths in orthodontics will be addressed – this is the quickest and most comprehensive approach to learning diagnosis and treatment plans.

Connect with our thriving community of professionals ready to take their practice to new levels of success to share and learn together in our weekly Q&A sessions.