Weekly Question and Answer session. April 22nd 2020

Dr Martin Poon joined me to discuss... 

In this session, we presented an adult Asian male who exhibited a Class I Bimaxillary dental protrusion, with significant crowding in both his upper and lower anterior region, a palatally positioned and blocked out 22 which was in crossbite, with minimal overbite ,severe dolichofacial vertical pattern and underlying class II skeletal tendency with a deficient chin.

An exceptionally interesting discussion was had with regards to not only the diagnosis but more importantly the treatment mechanics that needed to be employed to achieve a maximum anchorage requirement and hence maximum retraction of the upper anterior teeth. As always, a detailed assessment of the risk analysis was undertaken to perform a proper and thorough  treatment plan.

I hope you enjoy this recording – as I can assure you a great deal can be learnt from this case and how to think through management of these extraction cases.

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