Weekly Question and Answer session. Aug 07, 2019

We had a very interesting Q&A session today with a 15 year old female who presents with a dolichofacial pattern, nice profile, with a mild mandibular asymmetry and lower dental midline shifted proximally 5 mm to the left. Dentally she had a full class II buccal relationship on her left side with a mild class II relationship on her right side, and moderate crowding in both the upper and lower arches – but minimal overjet.

This case demonstrates the possibility of a mandibular functional shift, and how the ideal treatment plan can differ depending on the extent of the functional shift – and how we need to identify the shift prior to our definitive treatment plan --and the different options based on the possible extent f the shift .

I hope you find this webinar enlightening and opens your eyes to another aspect to assess in your proper diagnosis and ultimate treatment planning of the patient.

As always, I value your feedback and please feel free to make any comments, asked me any questions or provide cases for discussion at these weekly Q and A sessions .please email me geoff@orthoed.com.au

I hope to see you at one of our life sessions to participate in the interactive discussion and hope that these sessions are providing valuable learning to take your orthodontic education and knowledge to the next level.


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