Weekly Question and Answer session. Aug 5th 2020

In this session, a very interesting and exceptionally challenging case was presented.

This adult male presents with an underlying skeletal class III malocclusion, minimal overbite, minimal overjet, severe crowding in both his upper and lower anterior region with his 13 and 42 blocked out of the arch, missing his upper left second premolar teeth and his upper right lateral incisor in a crossbite situation.

This case will challenge even the most experienced clinicians in formulating an ideal treatment plan I would be very interested see how you would approach this very difficult problem if he presented in your practice.

I hope that you find this webinar to be enjoyable and thought-provoking and as always I value your feedback, comments, questions and hope that you can provide us with cases to discuss in the future. Please feel free to contact me geoff@orthoed.com.au

We have been providing these webinar recordings to the general dental public over the last 20 months – to help each and every dentist grow in orthodontics through our educational platform.

We have made an executive decision that soon will cease these recordings to the general dental public and soon these will only be provided to our OrthoED clients.

We have recently launched our OrthoED program for 2021 and for the first 30 attendees we are offering over $10,000 worth of early bird value. If you would like more information about our program please visit https://orthotraining.com.au/orthoed-mini-masters/

Please stay safe and keep well in these troublesome times


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