Weekly Question and Answer session. Dec 12, 2018

We had another wonderful question and answer session on Wednesday morning. A girl of 12 years of age, who presented with mild facial asymmetry, with an anterior crossbite, lack of space for her 13 which was associated with a class II buccal relationship and impacted 23.

Discussion revolved around early improvement of the position of the impacted 23 and risk management associated with any bracketing of the anterior teeth. There was a full discussion, involving the correction of the buccal relationship on the right-hand side whether we could distalise the upper right-hand side or would have more predictable approach be to consider the unilateral extraction of a upper right premolar teeth – and help to gain space for the very high 13. 

This case demonstrated many facets of treatment planning, risk management and even practical administrative management from the point of view of breaking down phase 1 and phase 2 treatment and setting specific goals for the patient as to what can be achieved in each phase of therapy 

I  hope you find this case discussion to be of great benefit and keep you on  the path of improving your knowledge and treatment planning in  orthodontics.

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