Weekly Question and Answer session. Dec 18th 2019

In this webinar two cases were presented.

The first was a patient who had been treatment planned by an orthodontist for the removal of the 13, 24 34 and 44 and it was noted that the 13 previously had a cyst around that tooth . This patient presented to the general dentist following the removal of those teeth----have a listen to the webinar and assess the difficulties related to this approach and whether you would have considered a similar approach – bearing in mind that all the records prior to the extraction were not present. Once again this is a great case as a learning exercise and developing the skills in treatment planning based on risk assessment and future mechanotherapy.

The second patient was a finished treated case by an orthodontist a few years ago – and now has a significant Bimaxillary dental protrusion with an anterior open bite – and once again how would you resolve her orthodontic problems at this stage.

As always I welcome your comments and questions, and please feel free to email me with these and even provide cases for us to discuss at our weekly webinars geoff@orthoed.com.au

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