Weekly Question and Answer session. Feb 06, 2019

We had a wonderful question and answer sessions morning – a 14-year-old  female who exhibited a class 2 dental malocclusion with significant crowding present in both the upper and lower anterior region, a moderate anterior open bite and posterior crossbite. A lengthy discussion was had with regards to the best type of appliance system to correct the posterior crossbite, and discussion of a therapeutic diagnosis of resolving the anterior open bite, without dental extractions. This case brought up many questions, and solutions ,in helping to close the anterior open bite in the early stages of non-extraction therapy and the issues with obtaining a perfect class one canine relationship at the end of treatment and identifying  these issues early and how to address them. A very important discussion was had, with regards to the type of extraction approach, if one were to adopt extractions in this particular case – an essential understanding to management of anchorage issues

This was one of the best question and answer sessions we have had – I urge you to look at this, and see how you would have treated this initially, and I hope that this case really takes of knowledge and understanding of orthodontics to the next level

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