Weekly Question and Answer session. Feb 27, 2019

We had a sensational question and answer sessions morning where two cases were  discussed.

The first case was a 15-year-old male who presented with a severe class II dental malocclusion bilaterally, with his 23 labially positioned to his 22--- a full discussion  involved, treating this patient with traditional orthodontic thinking, and also a compromised approach as well is a discussion of how one would even consider treating this without resorting to any dental extractions and the prognosis for each of these options.

I urge you to look at this case , and see how you would have treated this initially, and I hope that this case really takes your knowledge and understanding of orthodontics to the next level

The second case was a 25-year-old male with a severe malocclusion, with a class III buccal relationship, severely retro inclined lower incisors attempting to compensate for the underlying class III skeletal tendency, significant upper crowding and impacted 13 which we assume to be palatally positioned. A full discussion was had with regards to the risks associated with the different treatment approaches for this patient, and hopefully can demonstrate that some patients are better treated with orthodontic specialists – not because the result would be any better, but due to the degree of difficulty and the fact that a case like this would be difficult to achieve a desirable outcome and would take an enormous amount of time to achieve any acceptable result – and the risks are too high for the possible reward as a general practitioner.

This was one of the best question and answer sessions we have had

As always, we look forward to your questions, comments and any cases that you like to discuss—and please feel free to email these to me geoff@orthoed.com.au

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