Weekly Question and Answer session. Jul 03, 2019

Once again we had a very informative Q&A webinar today.

Two cases were discussed – the first was a 12 year old female, with a class I dental malocclusion on a class II skeletal base with significant crowding in the lower anterior region,. and a very deep dental overbite. Discussion revolved around whether we needed to extract teeth or attempt a non-extraction approach ,and how to resolve the skeletal discrepancy . We also discussed the different torques on the upper central incisors on initial presentation and how this can be managed at the end of treatment – as well as discussing if a lower incisor was to be extracted, how do we determine which incisor should be removed .

The second patient, had a severe dolcofacial/ vertical growth tendency, with significant crowding, minimal overbite and an underlying class III skeletal discrepancy. It was deemed that extractions would deftly be required, and conversation revolved around the best extraction approach the could be adopted, t the sequencing of treatment , the orthodontic mechanotherapy to minimise side-effects and maximise predictability.

There were numerous pearls in this webinar and I hope you enjoy this recording is our aim is to take you orthodontic knowledge to the next level.

As always, please feel free to contact me and ask any questions, make any comments or provide cases for future discussion geoff@orthoed.com.au

 I hope that you can join us for our weekly live session on Wednesday morning 7 AM Melbourne time and partake in the live discussion

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