Weekly Question and Answer session. Jun 05, 2019

We presented a very interesting case of a 12 year old female with a severe class II Division II malocclusion which was associated with a very deep overbite and severely retro inclined incisors.

Once again our discussion revolved around biomechanics and the inability to use a traditional intrusion arch whilst these incisors were severely retro inclined – and the best method to open the deep bite. 

A further discussion involved the appropriate placement of bite Turbos and bonding the second molars – and in this case there was a severely rotated and distantly inclined lower left canine which caused unwanted side-effects with regards to further deepening of the bite and unwanted expansion of the lower arch – and methods that could have improved the efficiency of treatment were discussed.

Overall – this is an excellent learning case to once again demonstrate how good treatment planning could have saved a significant amount of treatment time and problems for this patient.

I hope you enjoy this recording and once again I hope that you can join us on our weekly live question and answer session, on a Wednesday 7 AM  Melbourne time and gain the full benefits by being able to join in and ask questions at the appropriate time.

Please feel free to email me any comments, questions, cases that you would like to discuss at least a few days prior to our weekly session geoff@orthoed.com.au 

Looking forward to seeing you soon and hoping that these webinars are improving your knowledge, confidence, and skills for the orthodontic care of your patients.

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