Weekly Question and Answer session. Jun 12, 2019

Once again we had an exceptionally informative and educational question and answer session for our weekly webinar

The case involved a 21 year old female, who had missing lower first molars, blocked out palatally and exceptionally carious upper lateral incisors and a deep overbite

Our discussion revolved around whether to extract the upper lateral incisors, and if so how to align these teeth ideally for future restorative work – and the constraints that were applicable due to the position of the lower anterior teeth, and how to resolve those constraints to allow space closure for the spaces resulting from the extraction of the upper lateral incisors.

There were lots of information that was discussed, and once again demonstrates the necessity for good treatment planning, including the advantages of performing digital setups of different treatment options in this type of case.

I hope you enjoy the recording of this webinar and hope that you can come online to our weekly question and answer webinar at 7 AM Wednesday Melbourne time

As always, I look forward to hearing your feedback and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or cases that you would like to discuss at the weekly session  geoff@orthoed.com.au

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