Weekly Question and Answer session. June 17th 2020

An exceptionally interesting patient was presented and it appeared they have a perfect class I buccal relationship but had severe crowding in the lower anterior region with both the 32 and 42 significantly positioned lingual to the arch, whilst the 31 was labially positioned and already exhibiting recession. In addition there was a very deep overbite of 5mm.

I would be very interested to know how you would treat this patient if they presented in your office – and what process would you use to identify the best approach for this patient.

I believe that this webinar is exceptionally enlightening and will hopefully take your thought process outside the normal conventional orthodontic thinking approach – and ultimately plan treatment for what will be the most predictable, and easiest outcome for both the patient and the doctor.

As always I look forward to hearing your feedback, also to answer any questions and hopefully you can join us on our weekly Q and A webinar/treatment planning sessions on a Wednesday 7AM AEST.

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