Weekly Question and Answer session. March 18th, 2020

In today's Q and A session, I presented an exceptionally interesting case which seems very easy on face value but has exceptional issues that need to be addressed in order to accomplish an optimal outcome.

Even though she presents with a class I malocclusion with retroclined upper and lower incisors, moderate crowding and a deep overbite, I can assure you that conventional placement of full braces would cause significant negative side effects – and a staging approach with braces is required. There would be no difference if this case would have been treated with aligners as staging of treatment would be crucial even with aligner therapy to achieve a acceptable outcome.

I urge you to listen to this recorded session - as it will really open your eyes as to the knowledge required to provide proper treatment planning and treatment sequencing in the care of your orthodontic patients- and to identify those patients that require such an extra approach.(which I may add is an astonishing 30% of orthodontic patients )

This case demonstrates that what may look easy can actually be actually very difficult.

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