Weekly Question and Answer session. Nov 14, 2018

Once again we had an excellent question and answer session .

Two cases were discussed – one case that was in treatment with an issue of the lower second molars being rolled in lingually and the different options that are available to improve the situation – but more importantly how this could have been prevented with better planning and ultimately would have reduced the treatment time by at least six months. There was also discussion here with regards to re-bracketing of teeth and whether to use an OPG as a guide for root position or are there better approaches available to assess root position.

The second case was an adolescent with severe crowding in the lower left anterior segment and upper right anterior segment with a significant lower midline discrepancy. This patient had a class I molar relationship bilaterally and the questions posed were how to resolve the severe crowding in the most effective manner – and a compromised option was discussed, but the ideal option I believe is a very interesting alternative and then will also beg the question how do we design the mechanotherapy to control the necessary anchorage requirements, with assessing the potential risk management of the severely displaced mandibular left canine tooth. I believe You will find this case exceptionally interesting, and I look forward to your thoughts as to how you would treat this and manage the mechanotherapy.

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