Weekly Question and Answer session. Sep 11, 2019

This week's Q and A session discussed an 11 year old Asian female with a class I malocclusion, significant crowding in both the upper and lower anterior regions, minimal overbite, an anterior crossbite with a palatally positioned 22 a high labially positioned significantly distally inclined 23

Once again this this case is an excellent learning exercise in risk management, and in particular how to manage the distally inclined 23 if one was to proceed with dental extractions in conjunction with fixed appliances.

I hope you enjoy the recording of this week's session, and as always I look forward to your feedback, your comments please feel free to ask me any questions and provide cases for us to discuss for future webinars. Please email me geoff@orthoed.com.au

I hope that you find the recorded webinars to be an excellent learning tool and hope that you can join us live on our weekly Q&A session on Wednesday 7 AM AEST to be part of the interactive discussion.

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