Would you like to polish your orthodontic skills, put theory into practice and gain new confidence?

Join Dr Geoff Hall and Dr Martin Poon in their Cheltenham clinic

where you’ll provide hands-on treatment to orthodontic patients under their close supervision

Brand new for 2021, OrthoED students past or present are invited to join Dr Hall and Dr Poon for a whole day of 1-1 hands-on mentoring and tuition, where you’ll be providing orthodontic treatments to a variety of patients including patients under the practice's Community Orthodontics Program.

This is your chance to work directly alongside Dr Hall and Dr Poon as you examine, plan and treat a variety of cases across an entire day at their new state of the art Cheltenham clinic whilst helping to provide treatment to patients who have previously been unable to access orthodontic care, gain confidence in treating orthodontic patients and learn how Dr Hall and Dr Poon approach orthodontics in real-time.

Under Dr Hall’s and Dr Poon’s supervision you will:

  • Learn how to assess, plan and treat a variety of cases
  • Understand OrthoED's pioneering approach in real-time
  • Get key insights into how to handle a variety of cases, identify problems and think through problems effectively
  • Learn how to deliver world-class results with greater efficiency
  • Help provide orthodontic care for patients who otherwise may not have access to orthodontic treatment.

Who is eligible?

Whether you’re a past or present OrthoED student, you’re invited to come into Dr Hall’s and Dr Poon’s Cheltenham practice and learn practical skills in a 1-1 environment, with real-life cases put to you.

Is this right for you?

If you want to:

  • Gain confidence in your orthodontic abilities
  • Improve your technical skills in orthodontics
  • Apply theory and knowledge to real cases
  • Learn how Dr Hall and Dr Poon handle cases in real-time with real patients
  • Understand the thought process of world-class orthodontists and what to look for in a variety of cases

Then yes, this whole day mentoring opportunity is for you!

Whether you’re refreshing your skills and knowledge, or you’re a fresh graduate, this is your rare opportunity to secure 1-1 mentorship with Dr Hall and Dr Poon

You can:

  • Ask questions
  • Watch how Dr Hall or Dr Poon work
  • Get feedback on your techniques
  • Get feedback on your thought processes
  • See how complex cases are handled
  • Learn to spot problems early
  • Gain more confidence and clarity

What you’ll gain from this whole day session could pay for itself several times over the course of 2021 alone.

And it’s a learning experience that no book, online training video or course can deliver; because it’s personal, in-depth and working with real cases, in real-time.

  • You’ll learn to think on your feet - and think clearly and logically.
  • You’ll see how real cases are planned, treated and tracked.
  • You’ll learn how Dr Hall and Dr Poon communicate with patients efficiently and effectively
  • You’ll see how Dr Hall and Dr Poon make patients feel at ease
  • You’ll learn how Dr Hall and Dr Poon perform orthodontics with clinical precision and how you can too
  • You’ll discover any issues with your current techniques and fill any knowledge gaps to take your skills to the next level
  • And so much more!

Book your session with Dr Geoff Hall or Dr Poon today

  • 1 full day of hands-on mentoring (office hours)
  • Available on Mondays and Wednesdays through 2021
  • Bring a nurse at no extra fee

Due to popular demand, sessions are limited.

Register your interest now to secure your full day with Dr Hall or Dr Poon and get ready to learn hands-on techniques, thought processes and patient-facing skills to give you the confidence to take on profitable orthodontic cases at your own practice in 2021.