Weekly Question and Answer session. April 1st 2020

Welcome to this week's Q and A webinar

A fascinating case of a 10 year old female was presented . She had a class III dental relationship with an underlying class III skeletal base, severely dolichofacial, edge to edge bite anteriorly, posterior crossbite on her right-hand side and severe crowding in her upper interior segment with her 12 significantly positioned palatal to the arch.

This webinar is a MUST WATCH as it demonstrates a really difficult orthodontic case to manage – but there are also options that are discussed which may simplify the case significantly.

I hope you enjoy the webinar as much as everyone who attended the live session- and I hope that we are providing you extra knowledge and confidence in orthodontics in being true to our OrthoED mantra of "Growth through Education"

As always I value your feedback, comments and questions and please feel free to email me geoff@orthoed.com.au

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