Rahib Dudia – Advanced CBCT techniques for special cases

This brilliant webinar covers...

  • Clinical situations that require specific scan parameters
  • Specialised CBCT techniques for specific indications
  • Choosing the right combination of imaging for your patient
  • Reconstructing Panoramic and Ceph-like images from CBCT

About Raahib Dudhia

Dr Raahib Dudhia completed his training in Dento-maxillofacial Radiology at The University of Queensland in 2008 and has extensive experience in private radiology practices in Queensland and NSW, reporting conventional dental radiographs as well as CBCT, CT and MRI scans. A regular on the lecture circuit, Raahib presents throughout Australia, NZ and SE Asia. He is currently the President of the AADMFR and is the new discipline lead for the DMFR training program at UQ.

Raahib operates a specialised dental imaging practice in Brisbane called Dental Diagnostics and also maintains working partnerships with a number of radiology practices in Brisbane. His services include an online Dental Radiology Consultancy, providing practitioners with imaging reports and protocol advice, as well as providing a second opinion on scans taken in medical imaging practices.

Raahib has had access to CBCT since 2006, and has seen the maturation of CBCT technology into a highly valuable diagnostic tool in dentistry and medicine. His practice has a special focus on low-dose imaging and imaging for endodontics and trauma. A bit of a tech lover, he likes to keep up to date with new machines and CBCT viewers as they become available.

Anyone who sees any type of patient –needs to watch this webinar – and understand the different options for different issues n radiographic assessment.

Hope you enjoy this presentation as much as I did and all of the lucky ones who were able to see it live and interact with Raahib


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